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    Anonymous asked:
    can you explian jyj's emblem "banner" -> the beginning album cover? theres a meaning behind it right ?

    sorry sweetheart, i actually have no idea

    there’s probably a meaning behind it…

    sweetlyne asked:
    ook. just let me know what i need to do

    solemnly swear to love all five boys unconditionally and eternally :D

    necessaryteabreak asked:
    OH MY GOODNESS TO MY FELLOW CASSIE: Last night, my sisters and I went to go see the meteor shoot and while we were at it, we were looking for constellations. When one of my sisters friends said, "Oh hey, there's Cassiopeia." , My sister and i were like, "OMAGAWDWHEREWHEREWHEREWHEREWHERE!!!!!!!!!!" And then i finally saw Cassiopeia and i seriously almost fainted from one of the most beautiful sights i've ever seen :) My sister and i were like tearing up because we remembered the song 'W'

    That is beautiful T_T

    i think i’m on the wrong side of the world to see Cassiopeia so treasure the sight for me :’D


    (Source: fuckyeahtvxqmacros)

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